Artificial Intelligence Funding

Artificial Intelligence Funding Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence Funding

We work both with startups and family offices, looking for the ideal match in terms of values, interests, capital requirement and investment objectives.

For Start-ups

Once we share your passion and complete our due-diligence, we identify the family offices and investors who could be interested in your vision and present your idea to the most promising candidates. Our 20 years’ experience working with family offices and investors worldwide enables us to navigate our network and find the right potential investors.

For Family Offices and other Investors​

You are interested in investing in AI and in startup projects that match your investment objectives, values and interests. We help you identify entrepreneurs with drive and innovation who can create with you world-changing companies. We do our due-diligence and only people we can believe in. Many startups are looking for more than an investor, they want a partner who can add value and share the journey to success.

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