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Shorex supports The Urals Orphans Foundation - ORPHANZ - a registered UK charity, founded by Inna Iranyi in June 2000. The charity is currently being funded by a small group of individuals and Shorex. At the moment ORPHANZ is supporting eight Children Homes in the Urals (Russia) and is receiving "cries for help" from many others on a daily basis. Our ambition is to provide support to ten Children Homes in the region before the end of 2009.


Our objective is to develop a charity, which caters for the needs of children living in the Urals region Children Homes. There are 81 Children Homes in the region with the total number of 2606 occupants. We cannot change the system but we can make lives of these children more comfortable by providing them with basic material things no child should go without.
One of the characteristics of ORPHANZ is that, unlike most charities, 100% of the money goes to the cause, i.e. the Children Homes. Everyone helping ORPHANZ is voluntary, even the delivery of goods to the homes is provided complimentary by friends of ORPHANZ providing their own chauffeurs and facilities to supply the logistics.


Charity at Shorex Events

Shorex events are by invitation only but individuals who are not registered can still attend by making a donation to the event's elected charity provided they fit the profile of the event. Elected charities also collect money at the event. Finance professionals, luxury specialists and HNWIs who attend Shorex events recognise that they belong to a privileged few and we endeavour at giving them an opportunity at our events to express their generosity and contribute to the local community by helping those who need the most.

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