Partners & Co-Founders

Philippe Gelin


Ilona Iranyi


Inna Iranyi

Philippe Gelin is Partner and co-Founder of Shorex AI, raising capital for Israeli and EU startups in Artificial Intelligence and disruptive innovation. Philippe has 30 years’ experience working with financial institutions, family offices, high net worth clients and technology companies. He launched several successful businesses including Shorex Events and Shorex Capital. Philippe holds a master’s degree in computer science and artificial intelligence.

Ilona Iranyi is co-founder of Shorex Capital and Shorex AI with over 20 years experience in working with financial institutions, family offices, tax advisers and HNWIs. She is raising capital for Startups with Shorex AI and advising on real estate investment for economic citizenship programmes for Shorex Capital.
Ilona holds a master’s degree in mathematics and enjoys reading, travelling, sailing, swimming, cooking and long walks.

Inna Iranyi is co-founder of Shorex AI and managing partner of UK family office and economic citizenship specialist Shorex Capital. She has over 20 years experience working with financial institutions, family offices, luxury brands and HNWIs. She was a Co-Founder of Shorex, a leading event organiser for the financial sector and the luxury industry.

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